An anonymous reader quotes a report from Tom’s Hardware: YouTuber Jeff Geerling recently flew over to the UK to sit down with Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton for a chat about shortages, predictions, the Raspberry Pi Pico and other hot topics. The short of it is that stock levels are improving, close to Upton’s 2022 prediction and that we are now seeing better stock levels than 2022 as Raspberry Pi slowly catches up with the backlog. Upton explained the reasoning behind prioritizing OEM customers over consumers, and addresses some of the negativity that was levied on Raspberry Pi by a minority of the passionate and vocal community.

The video starts with Geerling candidly explaining that his trip to the UK was not funded by Raspberry Pi, rather it was funded via sponsorship and Patreon supporters. With that out of the way Geerling covers a series of topics with Upton, and we’ve been through the video and pulled out the key points, with timestamps for you to listen to. In regard to the company’s product and shipment progress, Upton said: “So quarter one this year was our worst quarter in terms of production and shipment. […] We did about 750 to 800,000 units in Q1 this year [due to shifting production during the Christmas period].”

With progress being made on filling backlog and availability, Upton said the company expects to move two million units in the second quarter, with the third and fourth quarters of 2023 being “unconstrained.”

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