There’s no denying the Apple Magic Keyboard is a fine combination of design, aesthetic, and quality. However, if you’ve spent any amount of time with mechanical keyboards, you understand just how good it feels to use one.

Membrane keyboards—like the Apple Magic Keyboard—just don’t have the same kind of audible click and feedback of a mechanical keyboard. Your keys don’t spring back like mechanical switches do, and that has a noticeable effect on your typing. Let’s not forget how customizable many mechanical keyboards are thanks to hot-swapping, further tweaking the typing experience to your liking and preferences.

Thankfully, you aren’t shackled to an Apple Magic Keyboard and can replace it with ease (and should).

Here are the best mechanical keyboards for Mac.

Our Favorite Mechanical Keyboards for Mac in 2023

Logitech G915 TKL

Best Overall

A keyboard with no weakness

$200 $230 Save

Other than missing a keypad, there’s very little the G915 TKL doesn’t have. Logitech threw everything into this keyboard, including a phenomenal typing experience and a clean design.


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Perfect for typing, gaming, or both
  • Excellent durability

If you plan on doing more than typing on your Mac, like gaming, then you have reason enough to grab the Logitech G915. It’s fitted with everything you’d need and want out of a keyboard, from design to function.

Right out of the gate you have access to programmable macro buttons, media controls, and a few extra buttons. Regardless of which type of keys you choose—linear, clicky, tactile, tactile white—they’re surprisingly low profile, though not quite as low as a Magic Keyboard. Either way, they’re fantastic for typing and gaming given how quickly the keys return to their resting position.

That performance does come at the cost of wear and tear, but with the Logitech G915, it would take a mighty long time to see any kind of deterioration. You see, the keyboard is made of tough plastic, reinforced by a hard aluminum plate along the time, just under the keys. It gives the Logitech G915 unmatched durability, longevity, and a hint of style given the brushed metal aesthetic.

Matias Tactile Pro

Best for Working

A modern take on an Apple classic

The original Apple Extended Keyboard is no longer in circulation. For those who remember the keyboard fondly, and don’t care for the Magic Keyboard, the Matias Tactile Pro is a blast from the past.


  • Sculpted keytops prevent fingers from slipping
  • Excellent anti-ghosting
  • Conveniently placed USB 2.0 hub

  • Aesthetic is an acquired taste

One of Apple’s fabled keyboards from the past was the Apple Extended Keyboard but it has since been phased out. If you’ve missed those days of clacky mechanical keyboards, look to the Matias Tactile Pro for help. It captures the feel of those ancient office keyboards but brings the design into the modern era.

With Alps mechanical switches underneath, excellent anti-ghosting, and sculpted keys, the Matias Tactile Pro is built to unleash your typing skills without worrying over fingers slipping or keys failing to register. And don’t worry about wear and tear—the keys are laser-etched, so the symbols will never wear away.

While the Matias Tactile Pro emulates Apple keyboards of the past, it has one foot firmly in the modern era. You’ll find not one, but three USB 2.0 ports that allow for data transfer and charging straight from the keyboard. More importantly, the Matias Tactile Pro features Mac-friendly function keys.

Velocifire M87 Mechanical Keyboard

Honorable Mention

All keyboard, no filler

Among the finest entry-level mechanical keyboards, especially for a typist. The tactile brown mechanical switches offer great feedback, topped with ergonomic keycaps.


  • Compact design good for smaller desks
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Great durability

  • Key quality could be better

There’s always room for a straightforward, no-nonsense mechanical keyboard, and the Velocifire M87 delivers on all fronts. More importantly, it’s an excellent choice for those who would like to investigate the benefits of a mechanical keyboard without burning through savings.

The Velocifire M87 features a tenkeyless profile, simplifying the layout to the most essential buttons. However, that doesn’t prevent it from introducing Mac-friendly function keys that have full control of your Mac’s various settings such as screen brightness. It’s slim, lightweight, and compact, making it the ideal choice for smaller desks.

In terms of performance, the Velocifire M87 is built with tactile Brown switches, which give the keys good feedback along with an audible thud and clack when typing. The keys also have a nice curve to them to prevent unwanted slipping as you speed through your work. If the Brown switches aren’t quite your style, you’re welcome to replace the keys with something better.

Keychron K2

Longest Battery

For connecting multiple devices

The Keychron K2 offers a great opportunity to cut down on e-waste, while simultaneously being a lovely typing experience. With the ability to connect to three devices at once, it’s the only keyboard you need.


  • Ideal choice if you work with multiple devices
  • Excellent anti-ghosting
  • Awesome battery life

  • Brown switches aren’t for everyone

For those who work from home or have an in-house office job, finding a good mechanical keyboard is an exhausting adventure, but it’s definitely worth it in the end especially if your journey brings you to the Keychron K2. It’s an excellent companion for typing, light gaming, and small desks due to its compact 75-percent layout. Given how lightweight it is, you can even toss it into a backup and show it off elsewhere.

The Keychron K2 features Gateron G Pro Brown mechanical switches which give the keys a more gentle clack rather than a sharp clicking sound. Brown switches aren’t for everyone, so if you prefer Gateron Red or Blue switches, you’re in luck—the K2 allows for hot-swapping.

What the Keychron K2 excels at, other than typing, is functionality. In addition to Mac-friendly keys, the K2 features Bluetooth capabilities; in fact, you can connect to three different devices at once, which you can switch between using a slider. And if you plan on going wireless, you won’t be disappointed considering that the battery can last up to seven days on a single charge.

Redragon K550

Best Design

How many macro keys does one need?

The Redragon K550 has all the makings of a comfortable mechanical keyboard, from its custom purple switches to the detachable wrist rest. It also features a dozen programmable macro keys, which are useful for editing and gaming.


  • Fantastic durability
  • Great for office work and gaming
  • 12 programmable macro keys

  • Poorly placed macro buttons

With Mac having more options for gaming now than ever before, it’s time to seriously consider having a mechanical keyboard that can put in the work in terms of gaming. What better way to accomplish that than with the Redragon K550? It’s got the makings of a good office keyboard while performing well when the time comes to kick back and relax.

For starters, the Redragon K550 is quite comfortable whether you’re gaming or typing, which owes to its custom Purple switches. It only takes a small amount of effort for the keys to register, saving you from that end-of-the-day finger fatigue. Furthermore, the keys have a slight indentation to prevent slipping and a detachable wrist rest that has a good grippy texture to compound its already comfortable profile.

Those same clicky custom Purple switches put in the work in a gaming setting as well. The success comes from the feedback the Redragon K550’s keys provide. You know you’ve pressed the key thanks to physical and audible feedback with no perceivable lag input. And as a bonus, the Redragon K550 comes with 12 macro buttons that you can program to your heart’s desire, along with a USB passthrough for better cable management.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac

Most Durable

Mechanical keyboard with built-in USB 3.0 hub

With impressive durability, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional is built to withstand a severe beating. It also comes with several QOL features like a built-in USB hub and full n-key rollover.


  • Multiple styles and switches available
  • USB hub is really handy for cable management
  • Simple, effective design

A professional setting—an office, for example—needs a keyboard that stands the test of time as well as keeps up with your speedy fingers. If there’s any keyboard that’s more than capable of withstanding the abuse you’re about to put it through then take a look at the Das Keyboard 4 Professional, especially if you love having a bunch of options to choose from right out of the gate.

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional is right at home next to your work desk, awaiting the day’s tasks. When you get started, you’ll immediately notice that none of the keys interfere with one another, thanks to full n-key rollover, so you can type away as fast as you can. It’s also quite welcoming to cable management. Along the back is a USB 3.0 hub with two ports, allowing you to plug in a mouse or charge nearby devices.

If longevity is a concern, you never have to worry about the Das Keyboard 4 Professional falling behind. Made from hard plastic, topped with a black anodized aluminum panel, and switches that are rated for 50 million keystrokes, durability is the last thing you should be worried about. The Cherry MX Brown and Blue keys even have a nice UV hard coat protection to further prevent fading.

XVX Womier K87

Most Customizable

DIY projects are always fun

The XVX Womier K87 offers so much potential due to its hot-swappable keys, supporting both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. On the software side, you can reassign keys with special macros and alter 80% of the RGB.


  • Hot-swappable keys
  • Beautiful design
  • Keys are fully programmable

  • Durability could be better

You can pick up just about any high-quality mechanical keyboard and be pretty satisfied, but there will always be something about it that doesn’t jive with you. Why not avoid that altogether and customize your own mechanical keyboard? If you have the technical know-how or love teaching yourself, the XVX Womier K87 is the perfect candidate for crafting an amazing keyboard, not to mention being a great keyboard even without alterations.

To make it happen, the XVX Womier K87 features hot-swappable mechanical switches, giving you free rein over your preferred type; if not, you’re welcome to choose between Gateron Red, Yellow, Brown, or Blue mechanical switches and leave it at that. Even with the base switches XVX provides you with, they’re all high-quality keys with excellent response time, feedback, and full n-key rollover. They’re also PBT double-shot, making the keys highly resistant to oils with an added hardness for durability.

In terms of design, the XVX Womier K87 is certainly one of the prettiest mechanical keyboards available. The top layer is PMMA organic glass material, giving it a transparent look that really heightens the RGB backlight as well as increases the keyboard’s toughness. If you plan on customizing the keyboard, the XVX Womier K87’s durability will definitely come in handy.

Picking the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Your Mac

No two mechanical keyboards are the same. Even switches of the same type (red, blue, brown, etc.) can offer slightly different experiences, like feedback and acquisition force. It’s important to not only know what switches you want, but the purpose of the mechanical keyboard as well.

It’s for those reasons the Logitech G915 TKL reigns supreme; it doesn’t care what your reason is for needing a mechanical keyboard because it does it all. There’s a great deal of durability, options to go with wired or wireless, and even switch to a full-size model, too. More importantly, the keys have a lower profile than full-height keys, making it a nice transition from an Apple Magic Keyboard.

If you simply wanted to know what all the fuss is about, the Velocifire M87 provides a genuine experience without burning a hole in your wallet. It features brown switches, which are beginner-friendly.

Logitech G915 TKL

Best Overall

A keyboard with no weakness

$205 $230 Save

Other than missing a keypad, there’s very little the G915 TKL doesn’t have. Logitech threw everything into this keyboard, including a phenomenal typing experience and a clean design.


  • Great battery life
  • Perfect for typing and gaming
  • Excellent durability


Q: Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing?

Yes, mechanical keyboards are generally considered better for typing.

There are two types of keyboards: membrane and mechanical. They’re called as such due to the technology used to register a keystroke—membrane keyboards rely on electrical contact while mechanical switches rely on a physical mechanism.

It’s that fundamental difference that makes mechanical keyboards better for typing due to the mechanical switches having audible and very noticeable feedback. When you type on a mechanical keyboard, there’s no doubt that your key registers.

Q: What Are the Best Mechanical Switches?

No mechanical switch is better than another; it comes down to personal preference.

There are three main types of mechanical switches: tactile, clicky, and linear or, as they’re commonly referred to, brown, blue, and red, respectively. Each switch offers different levels of click and clack, feedback, and actuation. However, one brand’s tactile keys may not sound or perform the same as another.

If noise is a concern, go with tactile or linear; if you want the most feedback, clicky mechanical switches are a good place to start.

Q: Does Apple Have Mechanical Keyboards Available?

Unfortunately, no.

Apple-branded mechanical keyboards are no longer in rotation. What Apple does have available—such as the Magic Keyboard—are strictly membrane keyboards. While they are undeniably of higher quality and have a beautiful aesthetic, a good mechanical keyboard will outperform any of Apple’s membrane keyboards in typing and gaming.

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